Technical Report

Accurate Reliability Analysis of Combinational Circuits using Theorem Proving

Osman Hasan , Jigar Patel and Sofi`ene Tahar


Reliability analysis of combinational circuits has become imperative  these days due to the extensive usage of nanotechnologies in their fabrication. Traditionally, reliability analysis of combinational circuits is done using simulation or paper-and-pencil proof methods. But,  these techniques do not ensure accurate results and thus may lead to disastrous consequences when dealing with safety critical
applications. In this paper, we mainly tackle the accuracy problem of reliability analysis by presenting a formal reliability analysis approach that is based on higher-order-logic theorem proving. The distinguishing feature of the approach is that, despite being based on higher-order logic that is undecidable, it is capable of automatically evaluating the precise reliability of combinational circuits. The paper summarizes the formalization infrastructure that is fundamental to our approach. For illustration purposes, it also presents the reliability analysis of a few benchmark combinational circuits. Download PDF file (PDF File) Send comments and suggestions to:Osman Hasan