Technical Report

Functional Verification of the RCMP Egress Routing Logic

M. Palanisamy and S. Tahar


The project deals with the functional verification of the RCMP Egress Routing Logic using both simulation and model checking . In an ATM network, the RCMP Egress routing logic finds application in a network port interface for an ATM switch fabric. Initially, simulations were done on the available behavioural level VHDL design and the equivalent Verilog design using Synopsys-VSS and Verilog-XL. After that, symbolic model checking was carried out on the BLIF-synthesizable Verilog code using VIS(Verification Interacting with Synthesis) tool. From both simulation and model checking, one design error leading the system to a hang-up state was detected and corrected. The model checking of the Egress logic in VIS was done in a reasonable CPU time.

Download postscript file (PS File)
Download Egress in VHDL (VHDL Code)
Download Egress in Verilog (Verilog Code)
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