Technical Report

Formal Verification of a Protocol Converter Memory Manager using FormalCheck

Jounaidi Ben Hassen, and Sofiene Tahar


We present in this report the formal specification and verification results of the Memory Manager block of a System-on-a-Chip (SoC) platform Protocol Converter using the model checking
tool FormalCheck. The Memory Manager represents the main block of the protocol converter
system and is made of five modules, namely, a Memory Manager Controller, an Address Counter
Register, a Data Counter Register, a Packet Counter Register and a Packet Assembler. First,
we extracted some constraints to define the environment for the Memory Manager. Then we
specified a number of relevant liveness and safety properties expressible in FormalCheck and
accomplished their verification under the defined set of constraints. Through extensive verifica-
tion, we have been able to find a number of bugs in the design that were omitted by simulation.
This experience demonstrates the usefulness of formal verification techniques to complement
traditional verification by simulation..

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