Language Emptiness checking using MDG



  • Fang Wang
  • Sofiène Tahar
  • Eduard Cerny


In this project, we propose a new MDG based first-order model checking approach using w-automata as the unified models for both the property and the system design. In this approach the verification task is reduced to a language emptiness checking (LEC) problem, where the system design is described as an abstract state machine (ASM) encoded by MDGs, and the specification to be verified is represented by a new specification language, called Lmdg*, derived from the many sorted first-order logic and removing the limitations imposed by the previous MDG model checking tool. We have implemented a dedicated tool, called MDG-LEC, on top of the MDG package, which accepts models in MDG-HDL hardware description language. To evaluate the performance of our approach, we used MDG-LEC to conduct a few case studies and present several experimental results. We also compared its efficiency with the existing MDG regular model checking application, as well as to popular ROBDD-based automata model checking tools such as VIS and FormalCheck. Our MDG-LEC is found to be more performing than the above tools.


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Concordia University