Linking HOL Light to Mathematica using OpenMath



  • Ons Seddiki
  • Sanaz Khan Afshar
  • Cvetan Dunchev
  • Sofiène Tahar


This project proposes a general architecture to connect HOL Light, a higher-order logic theorem prover, to mechanized mathematical systems, based on the use of the mathematical standard OpenMath. In particular, we implemented a prototype tool linking HOL Light to Mathematica as a Computer Algebra System through OpenMath. We developed a HOL Light translator which converts HOL Light statements into OpenMath objects and vice-versa. We also use a Phrasebook to connect OpenMath to Mathematica as illustrated in the figure below. Our prototype tool (HolMatica) is available for download at the web link provided below. It has been applied on several running examples such as evaluating eigenvalues of a real matrix.

Source Code


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  2. O. Seddiki, C. Dunchev, S. Khan-Afshar and S. Tahar: Enabling Symbolic and Numerical Computations in HOL Light; In: M. Kerber, J. Carette, C. Kaliszyk, F. Rabe and V. Sorge (Eds.), Intelligent Computer Mathematics, Lecture Notes in Computer Science Volume 9150, pp 353-358 [Proc. Conference of Intelligent Computer Mathematics (CICM'2015), Washington, DC, July, 2015]

Concordia University