Enabling DC Solutions Characterization using a Fuzzy Approach

Ons Lahiouel, Henda Aridhi, Mohammed Zaki Hussein and Sofiene Tahar

Contact: lahiouel@ece.concordia.ca

As designs are moving into submicron technologies, analog effects are becoming a key concern during the verification at the circuit level. A first step in analog verification should start with a study of the main properties of the circuit, such as identifying its DC operating points. Such task becomes more difficult with the effect of process variation.

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We present a method for characterizing the DC operating points of analog circuits. We construct fuzzy DC equations that model circuit parameter variations and apply a global optimization algorithm to estimate the location of DC points. We applied our method to analyze the stability of a ring oscillator and the influence of the input voltage offset on the DC characteristic of a differential pair. Our results prove the effectiveness of our method in describing circuits DC performance parameters and predicting possibilities of undesired circuit operations.

[1] O.Lahiouel, H. Aridhi, M. H. Zaki, and S. Tahar, Enabling the DC Solutions Characterization using a Fuzzy Approach[Proc. IEEE New Circuits and Systems Conference (NEWCAS'14), Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada, June 2014, pp. 161-164.]

Concordia University