A Semi-Formal Approach for Analog Circuits Behavioral Properties Verification

Ons Lahiouel, Henda aridhi, Mohammed Zaki Hussein and Sofiene Tahar

Contact: lahiouel@ece.concordia.ca

The analog circuit design process is becoming very complex and therefore new verification approaches are very much needed. While formal verification requires human expertise, numerical and statistical methods lack completeness. Qualitative simulation, on the other hand, is a semi formal method for fuzzy dynamical system simulation. It has the advantage of generating complete and sound envelopes of trajectories.

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We propose a verification environment for analog circuits behavioral properties checking based on qualitative simulation. We automatically extract analog circuits models and compute their qualitative behavior for ranges of parameters and initial conditions. Then, we verify their properties on the generated state space bounds. The effectiveness of the method is illustrated with a tunnel diode oscillator.

Journal Paper

  • O. Lahiouel, H. Aridhi, M.H. Zaki and S. Tahar: Exploiting Bounds Optimization for the Semi-formal Verification of Analog Circuits; Integration, the VLSI Journal, Elsevier, Vol. 59, No. 4, September 2017, pp. 135-147

  • Conference Paper

  • O.Lahiouel, H. Aridhi, M. H. Zaki, and S. Tahar, A Semi-Formal Approach for Analog Circuits Behavioral Properties Verification[Proc. Great Lakes Symposium on VLSI (GLSVLSI'14), Houston, Texas, USA, May 2014, pp. 247-248.]


    Concordia University