Functional Verification of an RCMP Egress Routing Logic



  • Murugesh Palanisamy
  • Dr. Sofiène Tahar
  • Jianping Lu


The project deals with the functional verification of the RCMP (Routing, Cell counting, Monitoring and Policing) Egress Routing Logic using both simulation and model checking . In an ATM network, the RCMP Egress routing logic finds application in a network port interface for an ATM switch fabric. Initially, simulations were done on the available behavioral level VHDL design and the equivalent Verilog design using Synopsys-VSS and Verilog-XL. After that, symbolic model checking was carried out on the BLIF-synthesizable Verilog code using VIS(Verification Interacting with Synthesis) tool. From both simulation and model checking, one design error leading the system to a hang-up state was detected and corrected. The model checking of the Egress logic in VIS was done in a reasonable CPU time.


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Concordia University